Derek “D-day” Kendall Plans to Release 3rd Album in 3rd Genre in Same Year


An album a year is not considered an uncommon thing for an artist. But, to put out three albums in a year is something out of the ordinary, indeed. And to release them in three different genres deserves a double take, to say the least.

Recording artist, D-day has announced plans to release a third album in 2017. The release is to be of his primary musical genre, a thing, of itself, that is not easy to pin down.

Currently, D-day’s music can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc., in the categories of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal, Classical, World, and Holiday, but when asked, D-day will state his primary style as “Molten Metal”.

“ First off,” exclaims the 54 year old rocker,”I consider Heavy Metal to be a style that was coined for the music of Led Zeppelin, whose albums were a diverse mixture of genres, all having the signature Zep sound. From one track to the next would be, like, a fully orchestrated gothic ballad and the next track would be psycho-billy and then the next would be the hardest driving rocker. like the Immigrant Song or Heartbreaker. That is what I consider Heavy Metal.”

D-day: “Rainbow, Dio, Sabbath, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Iron Maiden..Heavy Metal in its purest form. Molten Metal is just that. It is a melting pot of styles, all having a signature sound. In this case, mine.”

Reportedly, that is what can be expected from his next release slated for the fall of 2017.

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