OPUS 59 The Razumovsky Files

OPUS 59 The Razumovsky Files

If Beethoven were here today he would be doing exactly the same thing-

Have you ever wondered what the course of music would be if some of the greatest composers the world has known had access to what we have access to today and without the limitations of the instruments available at the time?

Chandler, Arizona, March 22, 2017- GOLIATH RECORDS-It is always a welcome event when the pioneering spirit explores and conquers uncharted territory. It’s the thing legends are made of. Derek “D-day” Kendall and his new album is no exception. Opus 59; The Razumovsky Files is a departure from the “standard” arrangement and performance of Beethoven’s middle period string quartets.

D-day performs all four parts of what is normally an arrangement for 2 violins a viola and cello, on concert acoustic guitar.

“With the exception of some of the violin passages that play above the high C on guitar, my arrangements are true to form,” the veteran guitarist remarked. “The pieces transpose to guitar seamlessly, and voice very well when performed.”

D-day, not only performs all of the parts of the entirety of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Opus 59 string quartets, he has also brought, as the producer, a uniquely modern flavor to the individual parts, as well.READ MORE

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