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Derek “D-day” Kendall’s New Album, Opus 59; The Razumovsky Files is a Fresh Approach to Beethoven’s String Quartets


Phoenix, Arizona, April 17, 2017 GOLIATH RECORDS-It is always a welcome event when the pioneering spirit explores and conquers uncharted territory. It’s the thing legends are made of. Derek “D-day” Kendall and his new album is no exception. Opus 59; The Razumovsky Files is a departure from the “standard” arrangement and performance of Beethoven’s middle period string quartets.

D-day performs all four parts of what is normally an arrangement for 2 violins a viola and cello, on concert acoustic guitar.

“With the exception of some of the violin passages that play above the high C on guitar, my arrangements are true to form,” the veteran guitarist remarked. “The pieces transpose to guitar seamlessly, and voice very well when performed.”

D-day, not only performs all of the parts of the entirety of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Opus 59 string quartets, he has also brought, as producer, a uniquely modern flavor to the individual parts, as well.

“When Ludwig Van wrote these works for Count Andreas Razumovsky, music had just evolved greatly for composers with the introduction of new keyboard mechanics and the piano, where before, unless you had an entire ensemble at your constant beckon call, composing was done the ‘old fashioned way’, in your head.

The advent of the keyboard meant composers could play out all of the various parts together, kind of like olden day real time. And, I feel that if Beethoven were here today, he would take advantage of modern recording techniques, as well.”

When asked to elaborate, D-day points out that he produced each of the parts with the tone and timbre fitting each part’s range and voice, and different effects were used for various passages to enhance the guitar’s characteristic with respect to the instruments of that time period.

“There are, for instance, a couple of places where I added a voice or two of chorus, as well as adjusting the equalization to the guitar in order to achieve a harpsichord-like quality. The Idea was to utilize the entire aural spectrum in the foundation of my arrangement while observing due respect to Beethoven’s woven fabric of violin, viola, and cello, so I dare not have the same guitar tone for all of the parts all of the time.”

  Opus 59; The Razumovsky Files will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Rhapsody, Deezer and Tidal or you can download the 2-disc release and burn physical CD’s along with the album art formatted for double CD cases; disc labels, tray cards and inserts on the official D-day website at


About Derek “D-day” Kendall:

Tempered in the fires of the 80’s music scene, when even seasoned oil executives bowed to the mighty record executive, Derek “D-day” Kendall brings over 36 years in the music business to the table.

More than just an accomplished singer/songwriter, producer, and composer, he is an experienced performer and entertainer with proficiencies on guitar, drums & percussion, trombone, cello, keyboards, bass guitar as well as being one of the strongest and most dynamic voices ever to hit the stage.

He is a well-rounded studio musician with an unparalleled history of playing with musicians that other musicians would give body parts to play with, playing with the likes of Pat Travers, Pat Thrall, Rob Halford, Paul Gilbert, Eric Singer, Kuni, Scott Travis, Mick Brown, Mick Sweda, Fred Coury, Vinnie Moore, Beast and Greg Chaisson, to name only a few.

D-day’s experience is as diverse as it is dynamic.

He has been the lead trombone in a multiple award winning big band on the east coast as well as the drummer in the Led Zeppelin impersonation act, “Zeppeland.”

He is recognized as one of the world’s premiere singers and front men touring and performing with the east coast’s super-metal band Hooker, Milwaukee/Minneapolis’   Lillian-X,  Phoenix’s Surgical Steel, the FUX, Ragdoll and D-day. He has been romanced by  industry heavy-hitters and even usurped Graham Bonnet’s throne in PolyGram Records, Inc. (Japan) Kuni.

He has, literally, done it all from performing around the world to touring as a national act to session work, playing everything from Black Sabbath to Duke Ellington and Sammy Nestico to Mahler.

Even before receiving his Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Western University, where he graduated summa cum laude, D-day had written and recorded songs that were ‘Pick Of The Week’ 2 weeks in a row on the national Z-rock (KZRX) radio network and had every song from a recent demo market run hit the Top 10 Hard Rock and Heavy Metal charts in all age group demographics and remained there well beyond the 6 month run.

He was also voted Best Male Vocalist for his songs, ”When You’re In Love” and “Stay With Me” along with having them both grace the Top 10 Arizona list.

“I love to perform and entertain folks. Having the ability and then the opportunity to bring, even a little, enjoyment to people is a privilege as much as it is a responsibility of moral imperative scope, be it one person or one thousand.”

“As a child, I was introduced to music and performance very early from my Mother, who is a phenomenal singer and actress,” he boasts. “I come from a large family unit,” he continues shaking his head incredulously, “2 Moms, 2 Dads, 3 brothers, 4 sisters, 8 grandparents and over-achievers every one.”

He continues,“ My mom,” then, as if to clarify, ”My Mom-mom, I remember, would practice parts for her many off-Broadway musical leads at home before rehearsal, thus, planting the seed in me. She eventually got her Master’s Degree in Music from the Royal Academy of Music in London.

My father is a retired, like, 50-year career NASA engineer, straight out of college until retirement. My other father is an actor / Director with a PhD in Theater Arts, my other mom is a career educator and superintendant of schools, one in a line of educators. My older sister is a career educator as well as my nephew (her son), my older brother is a retired Air Force Brigadier General with a dizzying list of achievements including being one of the NATO appointed commanders at Kandahar, Afghanistan and hugely-decorated F-15 pilot who, for a time, was our countries F-15 demonstration pilot, I also have a brother who oversees the hospitality centers in Colonial Williamsburg and another brother who is a Naval Officer/Radiologist stationed in Guam. My beautiful younger sisters, not only carry degrees from the finest Universities Virginia and North Carolina have to offer, but careers and families as well. And the credit list doesn’t stop there…but I will.”

So, maybe it is no surprise of circumstance that, in 1982, while a student at ACS, Athens, Greece, this devoted young musician possessing a level of discipline not often found in players even three times his age, that discipline and circumstance, both, found him conducting the International Youth Philharmonic Orchestra in Athens, Greece…… the age of 19.

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