D-day incorporates a diverse array of instrumentation into his works. Works that evoke primal emotions shared by all set an atmosphere crafted by timbre and tone.
A proponent of the sonic sciences, D-day brings his own brand of quantum mechanics in his approach to composition, which combined with his affinity for the voicings
of the cello, oboe, bassoon, French horn and low brass (one of many of his signature sounds), he believes that the proper combinations of key, chord structure, tempo,
and rhythm combined with precise instrumentation, like an alchemist preparing incantations, his orchestrations deliver the vibrations in frequencies that communicate
these emotions at the molecular/cellular level.
His truly unique and diverse musical background as a composer, drummer, keyboardist, guitarist and trombonist facilitate his ability compose in many different
genres of music resulting in being credited with more than one hundred titles, ranging from rock to jazz to dance and full symphonic scores.
When you bring 40 years of experience to the table people tend to want to know what you know.
When you bring that experience in a truly diversified bundle of expertise, people take notes when you speak.
When that bundle of expertise is useful to bring authenticity and continuity to an industry project, people are willing to pay you for what you know.
          “I don’t believe in stock, nor will I succumb to the norm
                                                                – kendall

Derek “D-DAY” Kendall is the quintessential “musicians’ musician”.                     

Tempered in the fires of the 80’s music scene, when even seasoned oil executives bowed to the mighty record executive, Derek “D-DAY” Kendall brings over 40 years in the music business to the table.             

More than just an accomplished singer/songwriter, producer, and composer, he is an experienced performer and entertainer with proficiencies on guitar, drums & percussion, trombone, keyboards, bass guitar as well as being one of the strongest and most dynamic voices ever to hit the stage.

 Along with years of experience, D-day brings a diverse genre repertoire and background fused by his love for performing, complimented by a well-rounded studio musician with an unparalleled history of playing  with performers most musicians would give body parts to play with.

Indeed, D-day’s experience is as diverse as it is dynamic.

Stadium to studio, he has literally done it all from performing around the world to touring as national act headliner, playing everything from Black Sabbath to Duke Ellington and Sammy Nestico to Mahler.

Even before receiving his D.M.A., D-day had proven that he could stand toe-to-toe with the best writers and come out head and shoulders above the crowd when performing live. 

Songs “Faith” and “You Get What You Get” enjoyed regular rotation on the airways.

Stations were bombarded with requests insuring that they were Pick Of The Week several weeks in a row on, both, national and local radio networks alike, edging out The Cult’s: “Edie” and Slaughter’s: “Up All Night” across several markets long before the onset of internet radio.

Every song from a recent  demo run hit the market’s Top-10 Hard Rock and Heavy Metal charts in all three age group demographics and remain there well beyond the 6 month run as D-day also achieved Best Male Vocalist for his songs: “Stay With Me” and “When You’re In Love” along with gracing the Top-10 Arizona list.

I love to perform and entertain folks. Having the ability and then the opportunity to bring, even a little, enjoyment to people is a privilege as much as it is a responsibility of moral imperative scope, be it one person or one hundred.

D-day‘s career developed early on as a devoted young musician possessing a level of discipline not often found in players three times his age, even if not toward the three R’s of academics. 

 Growing up listening to his mother rehearsing for her many  musical leads, D-day’s  love for music and, indeed, all things artistic and creative, started early in life.

So, it was no great shock that by age 14 he was already proficient on several instruments as well as honing a voice.that would land him more gigs than all of the instruments combined.

 D-day’s talent was recognized early in his school years as he won award after award both solo and in various ensembles, bands, jazz bands, orchestras, symphonies, marching bands, drum and bugle corps (where he would play in either section) and of course, solo competition, all city,..all county and all state band and orchestra.

While studying abroadDerek “D-day” was honored with conducting the International Youth Philharmonic Orchestra in Athens, Greece in 1982,….              ….. at the age of 19.

 After returning stateside D-day further developed his skills while gaining recognition as a world class vocalist as he toured nationally with several rock and heavy metal bands, playing shows with the likes of Journey, The Beach Boys, Pat Travers, Poison, King Kobra, Lita Ford, and from time to time be asked to fill a guitar spot by Judas Priest’s Rob Halford for charity Judas Priest sets.

D-day fronted a lineup put together by Shrapnel’s Mike Varney that included Cinderella’s Fred Coury and axeman, Vinnie Moore that never saw the first rehearsal.  D-day even usurped Graham Bonnet‘s place in Polygram’s “Kuni” with Eric Singer and “Beast” fresh from Black Sabbath.

These ’DAY’ze find D-day heading up the company the bears his name or spending long hours in his studio; Sound Mind Studio the studio for his label: Goliath Records.  AND….. writing and recording with plans to staff two live shows…… for now. 

When asked, “why not use the talent on the recordings live?”        D-day smirks and politely answers, “because I am the only player I am using in the studio, as of late” and continues, ” This way I never have to worry that my guitarist is lacking focus in the studio because he/she is preoccupied by the fact that his/her ‘significant smother’ has more sailors in port than the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

“Plus, I feel it lends a certain degree of symmetry and continuity to the projects.”         

Then he smiles and concludes, ……” I’ll work on my control issues.” 





Vocals / Guitar / Drums & Percussion / Trombone / Bass / Cello

D-day – Outlaw Inc. – Ragdoll – Surgical Steel    Holy Hell – Lillian X – Hooker – Notorious